carlena jean 13

hazardous (do not touch!): digital.

sabrina claudio:

la mia musa! capturing the decadence, beauty, and tranquility of her music in a mock gig poster based on botticelli’s and bouguereau’s birth of venus (left) and recreating a fun look of hers (below).

“venus of mine”
riso print:

and of course, my own rendition of the birth of venus, conjured as my first risograph production. printed by the wonderful colour code on 11x17” cream paper, using their colours fluorescent pink and orchid. edition of 50, signed and numbered.

k&l fashion zine:

one of my favourite side projects. it has been a huge blessing to make the zine featuring a few of my fellow friends/creatives. showcases 36 pages of the pairing dressed in different outfits, accompanied by an acrylic standee of the cover illustration for bundles. it’s always a great challenge and joy to assemble a book via practicing coherent design, typography, and themes.

“(inking) a
stylish lance.” video:

my first art video, documenting my process of inking to adding simple, monochromatic tones. taking a still, analog piece to the moving, digital sphere and syncing it with sound - talk about satisfying my love for mixed media! i hope to continue sharing my process this way.

hot & other commodities: mixed media (read artist statement here).